Nadan and Nai Plao beaches are some of the most popular of places to explore in Khanom. As found in the hills away from the sandy stuff, are many hidden caves and waterfalls, one of the more popular caves nestled in the hills is Khao Wang Thong. The major hills in the area comprise of Khao Luang (814m) Khao Phlao and Khao Dat Fa (732m) at the boundary to the south of Nai Plao beach towards Sichon, and Khao Chai Son (535m) adjacent Khanom town at Khanom Bay, the mouth of Khlong khanom.

If you wish to go we would recommend you go with a guide so you can find your scooter again, or if you ask at reception, we can arrange the trip for you.

Don't forget to bring your boots and your camera!