Leeloo Cabana Beach Resort

Leeloo Cabana Beach Resort and Bungalows in sleepy Khanom is a small French owned and operated 7 bungalow resort that sits right on Nadan beach on the gulf, located just on the Surat Thani and Nakhon Si Thammarrat border in Southern Thailand. There is a full menu with cool drinks at the beach bar and restaurant that serves traditional Thai dishes and popular western meals and offers a large choice for all our guests. Home to the famous ‘Pink Dolphin‘ Khanom is pretty quiet all year round and is one of the few remaining Thai beaches where you can still find that ‘just you’ moment. There are many, many days when you’ll find only yourself being on the beach. That’s what keeps its steady supply of visitors returning year after year. The new owners Eric & Isabelle offer you a choice of the newly refurbished 1 and 2 bedroom bamboo bungalows, each with their own ensuite western style wet room with ceiling fan and mosquito nets already fitted into the colour scheme of the resort, so that it compliments the natural colours provided by nature that can be seen all throughout the local area.



Geographically speaking, Khanom is quite a unique part of Thailand. Having its own micro-climate means that there are cooler temperatures and there’s for the most part always a sea breeze and a healthy amount of fresh air.

The mountain ranges that surround Khanom can produce some jaw dropping weather patterns, sunshine at one end and rain at the other. You’ll often see the sky produce a truly magical kaleidoscope of colours on an evening as the clouds turn from white to pink, to orange, to blue, to purple to black. On a morning around 6am you’re guaranteed a beautiful sunrise from the east facing beach, and, if you’re lucky enough and up at that time, you’ll see the dolphin on their way to the feeding grounds near Donsak ferry port . A truly amazing experience to witness!


The 10km beach is never far away which ever way you ride on the parallel coastal road that takes you from Bang Node to Nai plai beach and on to turtle bay. You’ll need a bike or car for sure as there’s surprisingly a lot to see and do in the area.

Caves, waterfalls, deserted roads that lead to underpopulated coves and beaches, night markets, shopping, 50 baht Mama style restaurants and street food galore. There’s a reason people come back to Khanom again and again!

If you need a any assistance with directions or suggestions, just ask one of our English speaking staff.