Leeloo Cabana Beach Resort

Welcome to Leeloo Cabana Beach Resort and Bungalows

Located on the Gulf of Thailand on the east facing, Nadan beach, Khanom has unbelievably kept away the hustle and bustle tourist and traveler and has for the most part of the last 10 years, seen only a steady flow of returning guests that frequent this quiet and peaceful part of South Thailand, year after year.

Leeloo Cabana is a small, friendly, French-owned and operated, 7 bungalow resort that has just been refurbished throughout.

There’s a reason people return here year in, year out. Let us host you so you can find out why, and take a break from the more popular, tourist-filled towns. Trust us, you won’t want to leave! 

Khanom is famous for it’s Pink Dolphin, which can be seen in the morning if you wake up early enough. You can see them on the way to their feeding grounds near to Don Sak ferry port, and the many pop-up limestone islands that are dotted all around the coastline. We can arrange a tour for you and your party to see them in their natural habitat, our local guide has one of the highest success rates, so you can be sure to see them in this once in a lifetime tour.

Khanom’s Famous Pink Dolphin!

The 10km beach is never far away which ever way you ride on the parallel coastal road that takes you from Bang Node to Nai Plao beach and on to Turtle bay. You’ll need a bike or car for sure as there’s quite a lot to see and do in the area.

Caves, waterfalls, deserted roads that lead to underpopulated coves and beaches, night markets, shopping, 50 baht Mama style restaurants and street food galore. There’s a reason people come back to Khanom again and again!

If you need a any assistance with directions or suggestions, just ask one of our English speaking staff.